I Can't Help It

Like any healthy person I urge my needs now and then, but my problem is that every were I go I see things that could be usefull....(you know what i mean...)
linda linda
26-30, F
10 Responses Nov 2, 2006

Very sexy

i cant count how many times ive done it while driving !

I'm getting horny just reading this!

I was thinking the same thing... There is a yardman... damn stockade fence

True...though she does seem to wiggle that *** a little more than needed :-) not that I am complaining

hmmm i think wide cloth and without bending over makes gardening a lot harder...

You might be right, she does tend to wear pretty skimpy clothing for gardening, and seems to need to bend over a fair bit lol

I got to be friends with a ***** tease dancer, who ... I found out from some guy who was her neighbor... that she used to go out in her garden wearing very skimpy clothing ... I think if they are wearing really skimpy clothes, they know what they are doing, and they probably enjoy it, but don't want to be treated like a total degenerate... some respect, and they just might engage you in a bit more than just spectator sports...

She probably knows already

I often watch my neighbours wife out in their backyard as she sun baths or does gardening and give myself a good stroke...I actually hope she sees me one day doing it lol

of course I do, my favorite is sitting behind the window at home, watching in hour neighbours garden and mastrubating while watching at my redheaded neighbour (mother, 37 year, cup b) sunnbathing.....

:) ... oh yes! ... always nice to have a live person to fantasize about while you are beating off...