I'm Gonna Have to Agree With Traveler Here.

One of the hottest things ever.

No, they can't touch.

No, they can't lick. (No matter how much you want them to)

All they can do is watch.

NO, they can't touch themselves either.

Its really, really amazing watching someone on the verge of panic unable to do anything but stare intently and obediently.

And honestly, who doesn't love ************? Your hand/toy will always be there for you.
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5 Responses Nov 30, 2006

Seriously. There is a club for that? So hot. Someone needs to start one in the US. I love that idea. Rather masterbare then cheat

Hmmm interesting!

Group ************ sounds intense! I headr they have clubs for that, would love to participate. My wifr loves to ******** while she watches me and while we watch hot videos. We love to share fantasties, makes us so hot!

I think that is hot, always wanted to participate in group ************. Would love to hear more ....

Because of my husband's employment, we live out of the US for almost half the year. In 2007 we were going through the personals ad and found a ************ club seeking new members. Most come and go and the group need replenishing now and then.<br />
<br />
We attended as a couple once, I went as a single once and a couple of other times with a date (had husband's permission and encouragement.) We would watch videos, ***** down and **********. Most of us, men and women, would offer to ********** others, sometimes in a small daisy chain.<br />
<br />
That was one of the most fun things I've done in a group.