Two Problems!

first and foremost there is nothing hotter to me than a man that is willing to rub one out in front of me. you can get the visual of a woman's eyes growing large and the mouth parting slightly as if she were anticipating it to be entered.

i have this urge to cross my legs and feel myself through the friction of squeezing my thighs against one another. not only is my problem that i enjoy self loving on myself, but watching it? wow! i don't know how you handle something like that. i suppose that the ultimate resolution would be able to find a man willing to let me watch him jerk his meat as i find pleasure on my own. i honestly have to say watching a man wack off is the biggest fetish i have.

i mean, don't get me wrong, i lovvvve sex, but it is the best foreplay you could find for this girl.

as for the petting of the kitty, i really can't complain that much. i like doing it because it is almost guaranteed that i will get the rewards i so desperately seek. i know that disappointment won't even begin to occur to me. i know how i like to be touched, am not afraid to do it, and will do it if i feel like it. have done it in a lot of places, work restrooms, school, doctor's office, parks, you pretty much name it...

lostcancerian lostcancerian
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8 Responses May 6, 2007

I will. Want to share? Friend me?

Get a cam and have the world at your feet

When I was single, one of my kinks was to jerk it in front of female friends I wasn't having sex with.

May I suggest a ************ club experience for you in Florida? It's a heterosexual ************ club where men and women meet to share the fun! I've been to two parties and enjoyed showing off for the women in the room. You can help, just watch, or ********** along if you like! Totally hot. let me know if you want more info and I'll be happy to share.

Doctor's office? That I want to hear about. Why? Why then? Just got bored in the waiting room?<br />
<br />
What you need to do is just lie down on a bed, have a man climb on top of you, straddle your chest, and just stroke himself off an inch from your face while you do whatever to your kitty that your kitty needs done to it.

face shots huh? ;) lol

It is fun to watch and be watched. I really enjoyed letting a lady watch on the webcam while I enjoyed myself. And being able to see her reaction was very sexy.

Hey - more power to you. I feel that everyone is allowed to touch themselves anyway they want. the old "its mine and I'll do whatever I want with it"