Punished For ************

Never was punished for it when I was a real boy -  never got caught.  Now however it is a different matter !  I play a game with myself -  getting caught at it by a terrible disciplinarian headmaster -  or a merciless disciplinarian boarding school matron.  If Matron catches me on the brink of ***********, it is immediate nakedness and I have to keep on the brink while she beats my bare bottom with a very heavy paddle.  If I go off, and I always do, while she is walloping my bare bottom, she will stop, and make me go down on hands and knees and lick it all up and swallow it -  no matter how much of it there is !  Then it's up and more paddle until my bottom is black and blue. 

Still naked, she accompanies me to the Headmaster, whacking my poor bottom all the way, AND AS WELL, wanking myself like a steam engine.  There will be no mercy whatever, over I go gripping ankles for a beating with The Cane like you could never believe, at least 15 strokes or more, and remember, my bottom is BARE. 

Back to Matron's room, being whacked all the way and having to **** like mad, right up to the brink (if I shot I would have to lick it all up again).  She would allow me then to put on a very short singlet -  nothing else -  make me shoot off, then another beating (after licking it all up of course).  After all that I had to limp out to the school quadrangle and stand in a corner for at least an hour, bottom black and blue and maybe even bleeding, on full public display. 
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70+, M
Jan 19, 2013