An Early Start

I got hooked on ************ at the early age of 11 or rather not quite 12. It happened this way; I was spending the weekend at my aunt's, and was left alone with my 13 year old cousin. I happened to open the bathroom door and saw him sitting on the toilet with his fist wrapped around his penis fiercely stroking it. I was dumb struck, and stared. Soon great white ropes of sper were shooting out of his penis head. He seemed to be in great pain, but as he later explained he really was having a delightful experience. When he calmed down, I got an explanation from him, so I wanted to have the great feeling he described.

He had me take my clothes off, sit on the side of the bath tub, and wrap my thumb and fore finger around my little hairless penis. He watched while I jacked away (he called this jacking off). After about 10 minutes, I began to feel a sensation somewhat like needing to pee, but it soon deepened into a pleasanter feeling. Then I began to feel twitches between my anus and balls. These got stronger and closer together, my body stiffened, I began to gasp for breath, finally my whole body was tingling,  my penis was spasming so delightfully I couldn't stand it anymore, so I stopped falling to the floor in the greatest ecstacy I'd ever known. But there were no thick white ropes shooting out of my penis like I saw coming out of his. When I calmed down, he explained that I would have to wait until I had pubic hair for that delight. I've had the heavenly experience almost every day since.  

gradgrind gradgrind
26-30, M
Jul 18, 2007