What Gets Me Off

I can't stop myself.  The least little erotic though starts my

penis on its transformation.  One thing I love to do is to wrap the tip of my penis in platic wrap.  As I read erotic stories or look at sexy pictures my penis starts to drip its precum.  The plastic wrap catches it all.  When I can no longer stand it I take off the wrap and my penis is dripping and unbelievably slick with the best lube I've found.  It does not take too many lucious strokes to finish myself off.  I quiver as streams of *** sput out.

RubinItNow RubinItNow
36-40, M
1 Response Jul 20, 2007

I like to do the same type of thing, but I wrap my whole self in plastic! I'm hot and slippery all over! Mmmmmmm