I ********** a Lot

Hello every one  I have  mastturbated  to excess  since i was 13 y/o ,  I presume that itis a lot  o just never  talked to anyone  about . I have continued  all thru  my marriage  is  there anyone else out there that has this addiction?
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I have been into ************ since I was 8 . I continued after I got married when my then wife was on her period & when she wasn't on it she would give me a ******* she would only let me **** HER *** NEVER HER *****. During the *******'S she timed it when I was about to shoot my wad she would take MY **** out of her mouth & not swallow MY *** I would have to EAT MY *** ( WHICH I ENJOY THE TASTE OF ) .Since our divorce I ********** 8 times a day.

Im Married to a very sexy woman. She never has refused me sex in any way ..<br />
Yet i still have to ********** daily and have done from the age of 4y. I think starting to play with my **** at such a young age not knowing what i was doing . But loved the thrill when i came, that wonderful tingle you used to get before you reached puberty..<br />
Some children had a comforter when they went to bed .. Mine was my **** !! Never went to sleep before i had to have that thrill.<br />
So Yes Im addicted to ************ and not ashamed of it either.

Is itnan addition or a very dear love for the feeling. I can go maybe a week without jacking off but then the urge hits me and I do it 2-3times or more a week. Although it doesn't replace skin to skin sex with a man or a woman it feels sooooo good and I love it and need it. I do it and love it!!!

I developed ED (not due to ************ alot) and have had an implant put in so that I can continue ************ because of the enjoyment I receive from it.

started when i was 11yrs old. it once a day then it became twice thrice and it went on increasing . now it effecting my health . insomnia , ed , eye floaters , hair fall .

I am 76 and still ********** at least once a day, sometimes more. As I get older the only change I notice is a decrease in voloume.

hi, i guess i'm a chronic or compulsive ***********. i'll jerk off anywhere from 5-10xx daily. i love it and have always preferred it to penetrative sex. i have only a two inch dicklette and i figure if i can't satisfy my partner i can at least satisfy myself.

I too have the same addiction. I ********** at least once a day and some times twice. Have been doing so since I was 12 and will probably continue until I am on my deathbed. I would love to leave this world in the middle of ************.

I'ld like to start a group to for multi ogasmic men and those who would like to be. Anyone interested?<br />
<br />

Could ladies join it? :)

Meditative ************ and practice can give you two hour staying power with five or six earth shaking ogasms. Read The multi orgasmic man.<br />
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Sinister to answer your question: i've heard that saying " you don't use it, you lose it", but i never heard anything about ************ turning people into minute men. i don't think it's true. i think it's all just talk. most guys ********** so if it was true then just imagine how many women would be unsatisfied with their sex lives! I think that is a myth created by some cranky old lady to get guys to stop ************, thinking that might possibly scare them or not wanting her husbands ***** to go all over the f'ing place. Take your pick. Either way it's not true. And I'm bound to be right.

i heard that constant ************ turns men into minute men is that true?

If that is your addiction, than ENJOY and play on. Other *addictions* can be deadly, BUT with this one, no you WON't go BLIND and your arm WON't fall off either!!