Whipping For the Woman

When I was in my twenties I had an affair with a neighbor from my apartment building.She had only had one sexual experience up until the time she met me.She was eager to learn and she was a very good student.She was at my place one day and we were making out and on the way to the bed when she said she didn't know what jacking off was about.Would you like to see? mmmhhhmmm.So I began to stroke my *****.Is it as good as *******? No baby it's a poor substitue I said.I kept on jacking faster and faster. She was fascinated. I got ready to blow and she sat staring I came and shooting it on her ****. Wow I never saw it shoot before that's cool.Well next time is in your ***** babe.But whipping for the woman can be fun.
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1 Response Sep 5, 2006

Although real sex is better, it is really nice to have someone ******* of while he is looking at you!