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It took me a while to get into ************, I've never had a sex drive, not even to this day. I discovered it one day when I was like "I am bored, so I'll do this" I was 15... I didnt reach climax at all - it took far too long I thought (I didnt have any viewing material or experience to go by...). I tried again on my lonesome 17th birthday, and I googled some stuff. It was okay. I found it relieved stress. If only I realised the ability of it to reduce stress earlier...
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Your story is quite unusual. No sex drive at all? Have you discussed this with a doctor? At your age you should be jacking that thing two or three times every day. I know I was, of course, I may be considered oversexed; but I kept happy. Even had a couple of younger guys come to me for advice and instruction.