I Am Obsessed......

I am totally obsessed with ******* off.  At least 4-6 times a day.  And it don't matter where I am.  My day starts with me getting up very early for work.  I grab a cup of coffee then go sit out in front of my house to drink it.  While I'm sitting there I pull out my **** and jerk it off.  Once I get to work I can't wait for my first break, I go into the bathroom and rub one out again.  Next is lunch break, yap you guessed it, I sit in my car in the parking lot and rub one out again.  I've been caught many times in the parking lot by both men and women.  Then after work I jerk off on the ride home. 

I jerk at the park, at urinals in stores, work of course, restaurants under the table, in front of friends.  Don't matter where.

publicfreeballer publicfreeballer
1 Response Feb 9, 2010

does it turn you on to watch others jacking off to?