I don't tour much anymore, but when I did it was usually in very short bursts and in rural Ontario Canada. The kind of establishments we played in ranged from dives to... Well, mostly dives. We did a small tour of Western Canada back in the day, and we had an interesting run in with a band I had never heard of at the time.

On this particular show, we were a last minute opening sub for some new band from the states and another popular Canadian band (at the time) that you have never heard of. The show was at a venue called "The Town Pump" in Vancouver British Columbia. So we get there to find that we have been bumped and are no longer opening, but moved to the middle position. That was fine with us because it gave us more time to drink beer.

Now, I want to tell you that we were a great band and that record companies were banging on our door, but the reality is we kind of sucked. We thought we sounded awesome, but we were just victims of our own mystique. Sure, we partied like rock stars, but by the time we'd get on stage we could barely play because of the shape we were in.

I digress... So, as we wait for the opening band we have a few bevies and start chatting up the very small crowd (10 or 12 people including us) that was sitting at the bar. The band comes on and the lead singer has long stringy hair and begins to scream in the microphone. I immediately liked what I was hearing because I'd never heard anything like it before. These guys were louder than us and actually had talent. This band was a 3 piece and they killed it. I was standing there with my mouth wide open not realizing I was witnessing the birth of a movement. Probably the last real musical movement we have had.

Anyway that band was Nirvanna. Shortly after that show I packed it in as a full time musician, but I'm still actively involved in the community and play often.
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Jul 20, 2010