Music Is My Life

I swear to myself that sometimes before I was born, I used to be music. But god thought that I was so beautiful that I should be made into a person. But he thought that my song was too beautiful to let it go away completely so he left it in me. Whenever I walk, I walk to the beat of a song. I am a singer that sings to whatever song that I know and I don't care. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved music. It helps me feel better when I'm feeling down. I grew up listening to music a lot! Whenever I don't hear music for a certain amount of time, I get very mood-swingy and during those moments i'm not a pleasant person to be around. Music is also my coffee. Because I absolutely hate coffee with a passion I use music to wake me up instead. If i don't listen to it in the morning then I am half asleep the rest of the day. This explains why music is my life. 
gocobachilucia gocobachilucia
Jul 28, 2010