Please Listen To: a Perfect Circle

I have been listening to A perfect Circle nonstop now for like 5 months.  I am so obsessed with them.  all of the songs on the "13th step" album just totally describe my feelings soo well.  If you haven't heard any of their stuff PLEASE download some of it!  especially "Judith" "Eulogy" "lullaby" "Weak and Powerless" "3 Libras" "Brena" and  my  favorite "the noose"  you gotta get the lyrics too theres a great site called, cuz you gotta listen to what they are saying.  They are sooo good.  If you are a depressed, suicidal and dark person you will love this ****.  This is a new band made up by the singer from TOOL (Maynard Rocks!)  which is a band that i also totally love.  Maynard also did some songs for the movie Saw using the band name Puscifer.  Those songs send chills down my back they are that good.  They are "Pray", "REv 22-20", and "The Undertaker".  Pray is definately my favorite from them.  Sooooooooooo  good!!!!!!!!
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1 Response May 16, 2007

Yea, I know. Me and my boyfriend of 7 yrs are trying to get clean together right now, so thats why I can relate to this album so much