Loved Music Since I Was a Toddler

when i was about 8 or something my parents bought me brothers in arms by dire straits on cassette. they had to buy it 3 separate times cause the tape kept chewing and warping from being played.

as a teenager i got into local metal concerts and had mad fun.

when i had money i used to buy about 3 c.d.s a week. i would have no idea what i wanted to buy but would just walk into a good store and pick out a bunch of c.d.s

now i rarely buy music in stores cause there usually overpriced or just don't have any decent music. internet is much better for expanding your musical horizons.

i like jazz, some metal, classical, anything experimental, arabic scales are cool, noise music, ambient, black metal, drum and bass, bizzare, etc.

music possesses a room when your alone and blaring a stereo, close your eyes and feel paradise.

 music is an artform, and i distrust the industry. truly to love music you have to be a seeker of what isn't in front of your face.

i learnt classical guitar and think i'm gonna get some more lessons on improvisation and jazz. i'd love to go to the conservatorium and i studied contemporary music at TAFE. you gotta do what you love to be happy.

myfrienddiedandgirltrouble myfrienddiedandgirltrouble
26-30, M
1 Response May 19, 2007

Ever tried Ska or Rockabilly?.There is a wonderful world of sound out there.