Parody-Carly Rae Jepson Call Me Maybe?

I threw a rock at your head, don't ask me I'll never tell. I looked to you as a FAIL and now your on my lawn! Your stare was holding rip jeans skin was showin, hot night wind was blowing WERE U THINK YOU GOING BABY?!??? hey I just hurt you, and Your a faaag so here's a tee shirt you should get off steroids! Its hard to look right at you faaag but here's a tee shirt NOW GET OFF MY LAWN! hey I just called u a freaking faaag why won't you-u just die already!!!?! And all the other girls.. Think the sa-ame so please just go-o die already!

You took your time getting off my lawn I loaded the shotguun you gave me nothing at all but still your on my lawn! I yell, and cuss and throw stuff at you! Your a faag so here's a tee shirt you should get off steroids! It's hard to look right at you. Cuz your a ******* fagggg... And all the other faggslook just like you! So please get off my lawn! *loads shotgun*
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1 Response Feb 10, 2013

"Hey, you're my boyfriend.
My name is Carly.
But all my doctors
Just call me crazy.
I made u pop tarts
with extra gravy.
But I'm a home girl.
U have 2 pay me.
Syke, I'm just kidding.
Aren't I crazy?
Let's watch 12 hours
Of Chelsea lately."

If u want 2 here the rest if this parody and others, go 2 YouTube and type in "key of awesome". They have the FUNNIEST parodies.