Music Saved My Life

I love music and it has always been a HUGE part of me i even plan to have a career in the music business, anyways heres my story: I have had problems with being bullied since the 2nd grade and last year it just got to be too much to handle and i became suicidal. One day after a particularly grulling i had decided to try and end it again (these attempts never even came close to working and i would later add it to a list of reasons why i'd never amount to anything). I went over to my box and drew from it a very, very, VERY sharp knife i dre up my left sleave to reveal a series of marks across my wrist. i placed the blade to my skin and was about to do it when for some reason i looked up. I looked up to see the poster of My Chemical Romance, The 5 sets of eyes staring down upon me. To this day i can not figure out why i did, but after i looked up to pulled myself off the floor, put the knife back in the box and left the room. This time I would most definatley died had it not been for that fateful moment in which i gazed upon those 5 people staring ahead at the camera, unaware that, with this photoshoot, they would save a life. after this occation this happened many times and i am still unable to tell you why this particular bands image forced me to stop.
Musicislife7 Musicislife7
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1 Response Jun 17, 2007

Well I cannot say an image of a band has saved me. But lyrics from many different bands have moved me into many different moods. They have inspired and understood me for a long time. I owe a lot to music. <br />
P.S. I'm glad you didn't go through with it. The world would have sucked even more without someone as nice as you. Oh, and by the way, My Chemical Romance is an awsome band!