Music Overload

I used to have two hard drives on my computer, one dedicated entirely to my music collection. My ex boyfriend (and still good friend) needed a new hard drive so I gave up my extra one. I rebuilt my collection on my single hard drive that contains my other files. It seems to be taking up so much space that the computer is slowing down a bit (I know I need more space!). I have almost 1,000 artists on my iTunes, but always feel I am missing something that I love and need. I work in the industry and at one point felt I knew every band out there. When Myspace started up I was shocked at how many bands are out there that I never heard of. I am constantly finding new music that I love everyday. I always worry that I am missing something great that I may never find. I also recently rediscovered a lot of older bands thanks to Rob Sheffield's amazing novel, Love is a Mix Tape. I am obsessed with everything music and music related. I'd choose music over anything. Guys have problems with this...
MimiCatastrophe MimiCatastrophe
22-25, F
Jul 16, 2007