Fall Out Boy

It's crazy, but I just can't get enough of them. I have to listen to them all the time. I think I love them so much because I can relate to the lyrics.
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http://www.wemix.com/clip.aspx?key=23D387981EA26094<br />
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listen to this....check out some more songs while you're there. I think you'll like it. IF you do hit MIX ITand tell all your friends to go listen.

Good stuff in some ways. But, next to Ill Divo, the Greek God lookig guys with voices to match, and ALL FULL OF ROMANCE, I consider nearly all other groups and lables good junk food in comparison to Ill Divo's gourmet fare.<br />
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Hi i know how you feel...i love music so much...and i love fall out boy except im not into them as much as you..........but the one band i can't stop lisning to is MCR there so ace i think i relate to them because of the lyrics too...there all i listen to really im really obsessed with them so much xxxxxxxxxxxx F.O.B Rock!! i went to see them live was gud!!!