It's A Fine Line....

My wife says I am obsessed with music...I say that I'm just extremly passionate about it. It has been the only constant thoughout my entire life. I've been singing as long as I can remember, and writing as soon as I was able...but there's nothing better than finding a song that you love, and burning the cd player up woth know what I'm talking about, that one song that hits every nerve in your body, causing the near out of body experience. You feel everything throughout your soul, and go to a place in your mind that you never want to leave.
There's an eloquence to music that you will never find any where else. If done right, it reaches out to causes you to feel, when you feel like you just can't feel anymore.

I will have to give my wife one thing. I do spend a lot of time talking about, playing, and writing music...all the time by her telling the story...but that's not completely true...I do talk about golf too!
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Take now, for instance... I'm sitting in my hotel room writing a new song with the guy I'm working with. He is the bass pla<x>yer in the band that I sing for...but still...we're writing instead of watching tv or sleeping

same here love music I listen to it like all day when I'm not doing something else