Obsessed With Music

I need music to live. It is my passion and what I thrive on. If I didn't have music, I do not know what I would do. I love listening to all types of music, all different types of variations of songs, and even finding new upcoming bands. I live, eat, sleep, talk, and breathe music. I am always humming a song or whistling a tune or rocking out a chorus or playing a melody.

Music sometimes helps soothe and calm me, but other times it helps me to rock out and just lose control. I prefer both, but it depends on my mood. ;)

I listen to music day in and day out, and that is the only thing that really keeps me going. I am obsessed with music TO DEATH, and am always somewhere, jamming or relaxing to my new favorite song...

DaBritt3 DaBritt3
18-21, F
Mar 19, 2010