Love Last's Forever

Okay so back in 2008 i was in a extra school course to get my grades up. So when i first walked onto the bus, i was feeling very awkward, i don't like people, especially boys, i have been hurt way to many times i guess you could say. Back in the past my step father abused me, and all my x-boyfriends have as well, so i was giving up on boys. Well as i walked onto the bus i saw a boy, of course, with dark brown hair, ocean blue eyes....and a wonderful dimple smile, well once we arrived at the high school i began to walk up to my English course class.
as i watched the clock trying to not seem to desperate for food, i kept thinking about that boy on the bus.. who was he?
as the day came to an end, i was relived, only two more weeks...
as those weeks came to a close i had talked to that boy once, and on the bus we were talking alot, he gave me his msn, and a huge. i felt so special.
As the weeks went on in the summer we talked more and more, and the computer conversations went on to the phone.
we thought about dating, but he was going away to work at a camp for two weeks. So he was talking about asking me out once he came back, i agreed.
as those weeks dragged on so slowly, i felt so happy once i knew he would be home in the morning.
i tried asking him denied.was tolled " I'm having family problems" and "there's alot going on right know"only to find out with in a month from two girls i hated, he had a girl the months went on i stayed single. thought i made up my mind, yet unable to get this  boy out off my head. We should give him a name i guess, how about metaphorically romeo? dear romeo had still been on my mind, after about eigth months of just not wanting to be with anyone, or even go out, i saw that he was single?thought racedf through my head and thought no it has to be a mistake.. Then a little orange msn inbox poped up, guess who?so we began to talk again, and my feelings cam rushing back... After about a month, and him moving closer (just a town over) we made a day to see each other again, since it had been over a i took a bus down, and the moment i saw him, i had a feeling everything would work out hes the about two more weeks passed by and he asked me out on a date, and i spent the night at his place..
no nothing happened, promise..
As time grew on and i fell more in love with this boy, ( i should add, his father never knew, only his mom, see thier family is christian and romeo is not supose to be dating, i think its stupid)So i was invited to his house for dinner,we had a lovely meal, and his parents (dad) seemed nice,so we went down stairs waiting for his father to drive me home-as we were in the basement, he kissed me, which of course with our luck his father saw O.o
well to shorten the story, his father forced him to break up with me that week, the fisrt thursday of the new school year.
He tolled me in grade twelve he would come back for me, he said that he would wait for me, he said everything nd i cried for hours on end,
withen two weeks.he had a girlfriend...thoughts began to race through my head "why did he lie to me" again i refused to date, began cutting myself, and got into some messy situations (smoking & alchol) not the best thing to happen at that age.i again refussed to date until october, i talked to him on msn for the first time since he dumped me cuz of his "father"after a long conversation, he tolled me " get over it and move on like i did"i was crushed, so i did.
i dated somene, but  dumped him because i couldnt bare the fact it wasnt i became bi-curious...that didnt work either.
Ibegan datin an x, thought he would make me forget,then dumped me on christmas.he wasnt the best boyfriend kinda abusive, and put me down alot.
The next day romeo came on msn and tolled me he stil loved me(hes single at this point)i had also recently moved to the same school as him & town.
So on january first we got togther,after the night was down i asked him out...He ignored it...
So once the second semester starded it came about febuary 18, (exact date) my friend saw him in the hall and tolled me to just go ask him out, and  i freaked and said hell no, yet the next thing i knew i was pushed into him after scrambling with words and him being smug, i asked him out. In complete shock he said let me think about it...
i walked back so awkwardly to clase, actulally tripped over my feet, went to class sat down, and my tabel began to shake,as well as my friends desk, chair AND paper. he next day we had a school trip so i was happy i didnt have to see him till the end of the say, and once we got back my friend ,"riri"  yanked me up to his locker, to find out the answer-
again i got give me time, so i freaked...again and tolled him to just say no itll hurt less know then later, so he gave me a hug and said the answer isnt no, he just needs time. so we went to the cafe, meeting up with my friend from my old school, i of course was ranting about him, My friend from my old high school was looking past me, so i was like what are you starring at ?!?!
As i looked over i saw HIM, waving me over. as the nerves crashed and i began to shake i got pushed of the table, towards him so i walked over and had a normal conversation with him, well long story short, he asked me out...sts forever...
of course i said yes, we have been dating since that day...
and know hes my life, always have been
and since were both christian we belive were gunna get married. So a screwed up relationship, turned out ,pretty good in my eyes  ..

tennagesoulsearcher tennagesoulsearcher
18-21, F
Jul 13, 2010