Little Miss Obsessive

i cant seem to understand why i feel like i am so obsessed with my boyfriend. ive been dating him for a year and i noticed that i have changed to be so much like him. i wasnt ever like this before with anyone else. he treats me pretty horrible at some times but treat me so well at other times. he is possessive but in a way i am too with him. we get in physical fights and he says hurtful things to me that tear me up inside. but i dont even want to be without him. what is this?! has anyone else ever been this way with someone?


hes never going to really respect me if i let him treat me this way..but i havent made him stop. i cant imagine my life without him. ive gotten so attached to him. i dont think i can get over him.

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18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 12, 2010

yea I have been through it but I left him and honestly I'm glad I did. It was hard to do but I had do it I was done with being emotionally hurt by him and it effected the ones I loved to see me hurt so I stopped loving him. No I am not saying that you should do what I did but do what you think is the best for you.

you probably could get over him but you might not want to. Maybe you feel,even though your relationship is not the greatest, its better than no relationship at all. See how things go and trust your instincts youll know when you must call it quits.

Nobody deserves this. Leave now, you seem pretty young. It won't be near as hard if you do it now than if you wait...

Sounds like you don't really love him ; you just don't want to end up alone. You can't possibly stay with him even after he hits you!! Your not a damn animal he can hit because he gets mad . WTF ! If ge treats you like this and you end up getting married imagine what he'd do to you and your kids!! He won't stop . He's a sick basterd . He won't respect you?? No ****!! Why do you think he hits you! He treats you like your his ***** . Do what's best for you . Dump him or get help because he won't want you to leave ( from what your saying) he'll even try to hurt you when your not his "girlfriend" anymore. Sorry if my spelling is wrong I'm on mobile.. Good luck! - if you can get one guy then you can get hundreds!!