My Oh My.

NOTE: I have recently found love. I'll just leave this story up will people will know that they're not alone. Even though this phase has long passed, and me and this friend haven't spoken in over 2 years

Obsessed and Crush are complete understatements. Im head over heels, knees, thighs, ribs, and shoulders in love with my best friend. I try talk to her everyday. She studies at a university 400kms from wher she lives and only comes back every odd weekend. We chat over IM most times. Her picture is my phones backround and her name is always on my mind. I can be doing anything and suddenly I'll start thinking about her. (Not that I actually ever stop thinking about her) I can be fast asleep and if Im woken up, I'll be slightly ticked until I see its her messaging me, then I'll be so happy that I wont sleep. Shes the most wonderful girl Ive ever met and I just hope she knows how madly I feel for her. She loves me only on a platonic level but I love her on an insane level
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Such a tough situation my friend! Are you 100% sure that she only likes you on a platonic level? Has she said this to you or is that just what you think? I've been there before, the sleepless nights, tossing and turning, just begging for your brain to shut off! Please know that I mean this only to help: If she has told you she doesn't see you "that" way than there is little hope that this will change. It is called the friendzone and it is basically the point of no return. If you can handle being her friend merely for the sake of being friends and not because you are hoping that one day she will change her mind than by all means proceed. But if you are holding out that shred of hope you might want to consider stepping back from the friendship all together in order to stop tormenting yourself. Again I honestly don't want to rain on your parade I just know how much it hurts and how depressing it is when you come to that ultimate realization. I truly wish you the best DG!!!!!!!

We got into a conversation that almost smashed our friendship, thats when she told me. I dont just jump to conclusions with women. Im staying friends with her because she needs a friend right now.

That's a really nice thing for you to do, a major testament to your character. Hope she appreciates what a good friend you are. Best of luck to you DG.