Majorly Crushing

I have this HUGE crush on this guy I call Arby's. He is a majorly popular guy, with the girls especially. I am just a nerd. I have a lot of friends, but nerds are very unpopular. I started crushing on him since fifth grade when his best friend told me he liked me, but of course he denied it. My love for him is still growing and growing. I've never had a boyfriend before so I have no idea what to do. I really, really like him but he doesn't even know I exist! And i'm only three lockers down from him! He is my first crush and my friends think i'm obsessed with him. But they rub it in my face that they have boyfriends and they told me that to not worry, i'll find someone someday and I was so angry I just walked off. I'm not the prettiest person at my school, heck i'm not pretty to anyone; even though i don't have a boyfriend, I like my weird, nerdy, anime-freak self. But I'll always be obsessed with him because if i won't, then that just wouldn't be me.
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Well I grew out of my huge crush on Arby's about 2 years ago when I was about to ask him out, he turned and yelled/insulted me. That dudes a real jerk and I am SO GLAD I didn't make a move until then. Yeah I was pretty depressed about it but he's not a nice person now.

Don't suppose you could just make a move on him? Even if he says no it will help you get over him. Just remember that nerd or not a lot of guys can not stand a girl who is "popular" because they tend to be really annoying. I certainly never did. <br />
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And you seem pretty clever. just remember that none of that relationship garbage matters at all, your friends are just inflating their own ego's. You go out with someone who likes your nerdy, anime-freak self (that you like as well of course lol).