He Da One Who Makes Me Inspired <3

So I'm 15 yrs. old and I have a crush on this guy for about one year already.He's one year older than me. I started having crush on him when I opened his facebook photos, by the way we have the same school then. I met him always during our practice in drum and lyre band in our school that's why we often meet. During our break, me and my friends decided to buy our snacks in the canteen which my crush and his friends stayed there. One of his friends has a crush on me, so he asked me if where do I leave and my heartbeat starts pounding, then I answer him politely. After that we went back to the bleachers. Everytime we meet each other in the park or in the school, I always look at him straightly in his eyes for about seconds which I think he doubts already. He have been already 2 ex gf and by now he has another new girlfriend. Because I felt love not an infatuation, I printed his picture in my printer and place it above my table. When my father went in my room, he found it and asked me if he is my boyfriend and of course I have a lot of explanations there and everywhere. I told him that it was our project in one of my subjects that my group mates assigned to me. (Urgh!! that was really close.huh.)
superdj08 superdj08
Sep 14, 2012