Her <3

People are already calling us a couple because I admitted that I liked her and vise versa. This is my crush's senior year so we're going steady and will not form a relationship until we feel like it's ready. People thought that we were family because we're casual with each other. My crush is extremely adorable and the one who preoccupies my mind. Everywhere I turn and look, I think about her. Before, I used to hate hugging people because I don't like touching others. I didn't like holding hands or friends kissing me on the cheek or linking arms with me.Now, I adore it when it's her. Earlier, she had come by and sat on my chair. [*crush sitting on chair* me:*goes up to her, kneels, and hugs her* her:What's wrong? me:You're warm her:*hugs back* me:mmph her:Can't breathe? me:*rubs face* bleh you're too skinny, it's not soft. Gain weight! her:NO! me:*kisses her stomach* her:You're silly.] We hugged like that for about 10 minutes. I am obsessed with her. I'm glad that her family doesn't know our situation but likes me. [her mom:I've always wanted to talk to you. You're the first person who ever wanted to bring my daughter anywhere and treasures her. If only, you could marry her off so she can spend time outside. me:Haha, you have a very smart, caring daughter. I'm glad I got to meet the mom of my beloved. She's beautiful, just like you. her:Thank you very much] If only I could marry her off so I don't have to miss her much :P But I hate it when people flirt with her and try to woo her. [*few days ago* randomguy:Hi, I'm yours. Can I call you mine? crush:I'm not mine. I'm taken. randomguy:By who? her:No, by my sweet cutie who promised to wait for me.] Haha, she's adorable(: But she got mad at me for not refusing this girl's offer because I'm gullible and naive. [Randomchick:*taps my shoulder* umm..can i get your phone number? Imean your name? I MEAN AND TAKE A PICTURE? Cos you're really cute! My guy friends and girl friends tried to call dibs on you... you come here alot and I've been trying to... get your number.. me:But I don't know you? O__o her:Can I take a picture with you? me:Oh sure! Anything for a fan! crush:Um.. she's mine so can you not take a picture with my cutie? randomchick:Wait What?! me: umm ? I have to go now] Turns out I'm not the only jealous type :3 I'm in love with her and yes I can stand waiting. [her:You're not the first person I fell in love with and I went out with someone before. But we never held hands, hugged, or kissed. My virgin lips are for you. So will you still wait and love me even when you turn 18 in a couple of years? me:You're not my first love either. I also never kissed anybody but of course I will wait for you. As long as it's you whose feelings I care for if it fades. her:*kisses my cheek* Do you trust me? me:Yes. her: *kisses her finger, and puts her finger to my lips* I claim these and this *points to my cheek* now me:mkay. *hugs her*] We're a cheesy pair of people. My friend gets irritated at us for that and tells us to just go out already, HAHA. I love my crush.
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awwwy cute :3 i get jelli when people hit on my adora ble gf *blush*