Tv Casting: Obsessed With Your Crush? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? What Are You Obsessed With?

• Are you a teen or young adult whose obsession is over-the-top?
• Is your love of fill in the blank creating drama at home? With friends? At school or work?
• Do you spend all of your time, energy and money on your passion?
Obsess much?? If so…
Vintage South Productions is casting for teens and young adults who are OBSESSED and ready to share their story!
If you or someone you know is a teen or young adult with an out-of-control obsession (seemingly harmless or not) please email us with Obsessed in the subject line and give us your name, phone number, and current photos. Also give us a brief description of yourself, your obsession and how it has affected your life!
Chicfortv Chicfortv
31-35, F
Jan 9, 2013