I Am Obsessed With This Guy For 7 Yrs

please help...took me forever to realize i have relational dependancy...i can't take it nomore..he likes me n tryed to b with me but id always chase him away.4 chances in 7 yrs..this last time was the worse...n i work with him also...i texted him many times accussing him of bein wih another girl.i drove him nuts..i followed him at work n watched everything he did..sometimes id send mean texts to him...after 2 months he wants nothing to do with me...its been hell..its been since nov...i drive by his house a lot...hes dateing a friend of mine now..i harrass them both..i cant sleep,i cant eat.ive lost lotta weight..help
fara36 fara36
36-40, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I kinda know what your going through,it's hard I know but you gotta realize...your strong,your gonna get stronger and life's gonna get better