I Messed Up

I have a crush on an ex we were together for a few years long distance and one day stupid me messed around with someone else ending our relationhip of course the person i messed around with i ended up in a long relationship with during this time myself and my x stayed good friends they moved on in life and got with someone they have been with for a while now we are both broken up with the people we were with and had a conversation about us getting back together maybe cause we both still have feelings for each other but my ex now wants to work things out with the last relationship. so i just said okay i understand even though i really didnt so now they are somewhat back together and I can't get my x off my mind at all and to make matters worse we text each other and talk on a regular cause i said i understood lol I dont know what to do I know they person my ex is with is not good for them and im not saying this because i want to be the one but because my ex has already said they arent happy together just feel they need to make it work because they have a child

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

to bad so sad