My Will Power Is Low With Him Around

The reason I know its obsession and not love is because I always believe he will change and I always try and change him which means I am just looking for something to do. Im bored and need a tough chalenge, what is more challeging then changing a person, people dont change and I know that very well. another reason I knwo its obseesion is because I kept him as my friend on EP so he can check in and see how im doing, at least I hope thats what he does. I feel so pathetic for doing that. I also didnt block his orginal facebook account just the one he made so we could be friends on FB. Im so afraid of fully letting him go even though I know that its best for ME.

I broke it off with him last night, Ive made it through the first 24 hours so far. the feeling of wanting to talk to him come and go every few hours but Im doing my best to control myself. I blocked him from Facebook, deleted my AIM, turned off my phone and threw it under my friends couch. Im not sure how long this will last, so far the logest weve been "broken up" for is like 2 days. Im so afraid of failing and going back.

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hahaha..i found your story hilarious for some reason.(threw the phone under the couch)<br />
i really want an update on how this went

Oh I never kid myself im always extremely honest with whats going on with my emotions. So far me giving in has been like me having contractions lol its happened almost every 10-20 minutes. i just went through it. Ive been breathing and trying to keep my mind off of it by watching tv and playing games.

Well just remember, when you feel like you are going to give in (and don't kid yourself into thinking they won't come), remember what got you to this point. Remember the feeling you have, let that fuel your resolve. You'll be fine Kiddo =)

Thanks im going to need it.

I think thats a great idea =) Good luck Hun

Im planing on leaving it where it is, under my best friends couch. Cant have temptation whem my phone is 15 miles away from me.

Get one of your friends to take it for ya.

Im trying to stick in there and just try and get through the next week. My cell phone is my biggest down fall... I should probably just leave it off. No one calls me anyways.

yeah I hear ya Hun, your doing the right thing though by the sounds of it

Im trying to but not checking my cell phone is getting hard so instead ive picked up eating

If you don't want this then stay strong Kiddo. Keep yourself busy