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Toetal Feetish

Okay, let me start by saying that I DO NOT have a ******* foot fetish. While I do agree that feet can be sexy and even useful during sex, my obsession with feet is simpler and less risque than that. For as long as I can remember, since I was a little girl, I have loved, LOVED being barefoot. To me, it is the best feeling there is. Most people that are frequently barefoot, like here in SoCal, do so out of laziness or ease or comfortability. But most don't really give it any thought. Me? I straight up ******* love having my feet bare. I love feeling things beneath my bare soles, I love gripping things with my bare toes, I love feeling the sun and wind against the tops of my bare feet. I LOVE it. And as I got older, I realized that I love more than just the feeling of being barefoot. I love how my feet look. They may not be "sexy", but they're pretty damn cute. Even when the soles are all dirty from going barefoot at the store. (Yes, that's right, I leave my shoes at home a lot. So ******* what? I love being barefoot, damn it!) I also love the feel of my bare feet. I will frequently be rubbing them together or will sit in a position where I am holding one of my feet with my fingers laced between my toes. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with my feet or why I get so much joy out of sharing my love for them with anyone and everyone that will listen. But I do. Because my bare ******* feet are TOEtally awesome!
sweetprofanity sweetprofanity 26-30, F 25 Responses Feb 19, 2012

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they probably are awesome but try to keep clean

**** that.

I love bare feet so much that I gave up shoes completely! I own nothing for my feet! Bare feet are awesome!

I don't feel that way about my feet, but good for you, this is what the internet is for, right?

Thanks for the encouragement.

(By the way, I realize most people don't get as excited about their damn feet as I do. I guess everybody has their own thing and this is mine.)

Feet are so sexy.... That is they can be i find some very attractive. But none more so than the feet of the person your in love with.
I tell people, when appropriate, that they have pretty feet. I feel some need to hear that sometimes.
After all the pedicures and scrubs and the time it took to pick the color of polish!
I don't have a'fetish'.. I'm glad you understand and recognized the difference but for me is as big a turn on as **** are to some!
Personality is the On /Off switch for me.
You can be gorgeous but your personality would be the deal breaker.... Like kryptonite to Superman.... I don't even want to touch.
I think every curve in a woman's foot reflects all the other curves in her body and all those curves and lines are truly very sexy and sensual. I love a woman in touch with her feet.
I've driven an hour or more of of my way because my wife wanted to feel the sand at the beach on her feet.
PS. I'm a massage therapist so her feet are taken care of. 😉

try to keep them clean, I love feet but don't like when a girls goes barefoot and gets them dirty

Clean's no fun! Besides, I don't go barefoot for anyone but me.

clean is better actually. keep the pedicure nice and soles nice and clean

Whatever, dude.

Keep 'em dirty :)

i agree - clean's no fun? :)

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can i *** on ur feet?

No, but you can go **** yourself. ;P

i love bare feet! love to chat;)

i know exactly what you mean. I go barefoot almost year around . it snows here and I will run barefoot in public and leave foot prints in the snow.
I just bet you like those little light weight summer dresses that feel almost like it's by there. ok so I tried one on. if I was a girl all I would wear if anything would be one of those . I just wear a long tank top in summer. that's it really. my dirty little feet have run all over this town . I love the dirty barefoot look. i'm a small guy anyway but I have really tiny size 5 and half feet. I end up having no choice but to wear girls shoes. so I have to go barefoot alot .
my tiny feet are always naked in public. I would be too if I lose my tank top. try at a mall and go barefoot with only the thinnest, almost see thru sun dress. standing in line will have you.... you'll see if you haven't already discovered it.
I wear ankle bracelets of leather or hair ties . barefeet are so cute with ankle jewelry or straps .

try what I do, barefoot and shirtless 24/7. Just a pair of board shorts and nothing else

I wear a long tank top and nothing else. i've gone all over town like that. get lots of stares.

Going around barefoot and shirtless, normally on crutches, also gets lots of stars. Especially if it is winter :)

do you have nice feet?

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When you say pretty, would you model them? (Nice arches, long toes, sexy veins?)
I admire my own feet as well, and especially love when guys just gawk at them.

As much as I love being barefoot and as much as I keep them nice looking, I actually don't really like to attract a lot of attention to them. I don't think they're anything special. I mean, they're cute and all, they're not ugly. But they're basically just normal feet. I don't really show them off.



I think feet are a generally overlooked or underappreciated part of the body. They can be very, very beautiful and sexually fulfilling, as well as being able to provide some of the most sensual and pleasant feelings when touching something, or walking around barefoot.

Yay! You "toetally" (see what I did there?) get it. :)

Hahahaha, that made me laugh more than it should've :P

i would love it if you would share your feet pics with me.. i adore pretty feet

I can relate! I love feet-period. I am not into weird foot fetish stuff but I love being barefoot, hate wearing shoes but do so when I need to, and I love a woman's well-taken care of feet-not always perfectly manicured, but cute!

That is so awesome!!

I feel the same way! I like that you point out the difference between people who go barefoot just because its comfortable and people like you and I who just love everything about our feet and want to leave them open to every possible experience, to let them feel and be felt. I, too, spend a lot of time just sitting and enjoying my feet in any way I can. And why shouldn't I? They're the most wonderful part of the body, and its good to see that there are other people that give them the attention they deserve.

Hi Jenna, I'm glad too see another hardcore bare footer in the group. I'm Ward, I'm 58 and still barefoot every where I go.

but yet u dont like the idea of havin ur feet massaged? licked etc?

I don't care who you are, a foot massage is always a good idea. And I don't care if other people have foot fetishes (or any kind of fetish, for that matter). I've never dated anyone with a foot fetish, but if I did, I'm sure I'd let them play with my feet if they wanted to. I just hate when people message me on here and don't even bother engaging in real conversation, they just go straight to the NC-17 stuff and kind of lend to the stereotype that foot fetishists are impulsive, degenerate perverts. I know that's not the case but there are plenty of users on this and many other sites that think because I love walking around in my bare feet it can be assumed that having my feet licked is something that turns me on and that's all I want to talk about. If someone's got a fetish, that's great, but I'm not here to indulge people in their fantasies when it's not something I'm particularly into.

I can interlock my toes with each other like when you clasp and interlace your fingers together :-)

i flex my toes back and forth <3 it

bare feet and dirty soles rock! There is nothing hotter than the sensation of mud between my bare toes, and then going into a mall with my feet covered in mud or whatever. ******* awesome!

:) another cute story....u have a lot of them on here! I understand though....i have had this fasination with my bare feet since i was a little kid too....i feel the earth beneath me and feel "connected", sometimes even the energy flow....i just feel rejuvinated, my cares disappear, just really much more balanced and happy :) know what i mean? and if anyone doesnt believe it they just havent tried it or they are disconnected or just stupid....if they dont understand, **** em i love my bare feet! lol ps and mine look nice too....:) terry

**** shoes! Go barefuckinfoot!

Yep i hear ya! Its the only way to be!

can you send me a vid of your feet cross at the ankles rubbing together?

No, but I can send you a video of me flipping you off and telling you to go **** yourself. :P

sweetprofanity,<br />
<br />
Nothing wrong as long as you enjoy it.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

I love being barefoot as well. I drive that way all of the time.

how can feet or toes be useful during sex?

You never had a foot job?

Oh, you KNOW how. =P

He wishes. =P

you mean you love to grab a **** in between your toes?

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I'm with you sweetprofanity. I love my feet and I ******* love being barefoot. I enjoy picking things up with my toes and I really like rubbing my feetsies together. By the way, I also have the habit of holding one of my feet and lacing my fingers between my toes.

I agree on all counts, and with your reply above! ^