Desperately Searching For My Genealogy

I am a Filipino. I was born and raised in the Philippines. It was only in my early teens that I discovered that I am of mixed ancestry when a family friend made comment on my mestiza features and further introduced me to her friends to be of Spanish Ancestry. Yes, my paternal side is actually of Spanish descent. From then onwards, I realized that indeed I am of mixed origin and I am really proud to be of European and Asian Descent. However, I have a hard time tracing my Spanish roots because of lack of pertinent records of my grandfather and greatgrandfather in the Philippines. No matter how I tried to attempt to trace my genealogy, my efforts were still in vain. Until now, I am still hopeful that someday I will have a chance to know and discover my family ancestry especially my Spanish roots and know what happened to the other member of the clan in Spain and who they are now. I think knowing my ancestry/genealogy is the best legacy that I could pass to my future children.

alexiagabrielle alexiagabrielle
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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Tell me a Pilipino who was not mix and you can see some indians that live in Baguio who are the true race. Been mix is what makes us Filipino. No matter if they are Chinese Pinoys or Japanese Pinoys. We came from the P.I. and thats pretty good enough for me. Remember war creates fire and often burned documents. So you will not find a lot of things. To bad the internet wasn't created in the 30's.