Numbers Annoy Me

My entire life, since I have been able to do math in my head, I have calculated things.  House numbers, street signs, magazine articles, phone numbers and everywhere else..  I add them, subtract them, multiply and divide them.  It becomes so bad sometimes I have to close my eyes and make myself forget the numbers.  It can be aggravating.

On a related note (maaybe) for the same period of time, I have been unable to see the pattern of bricks set in a wall.  I do not see the whole pattern, I see series of faces made from the pattern in the bricks.  No matter how hard I concentrate, if I use periphal vision, Look quickly and look away, all I see are faces.

mikeshan02 mikeshan02
46-50, M
3 Responses Jun 10, 2011

Yes, I have the same issue with numbers and it is associated to numerology and how it relates to the alphabet. Numbers 1-9 repeated across the alphabet A-Z. I spend a good deal of time determining the numbers of people's names, ob<x>jects, adding numbers together. It is very irritating and I would like to stop doing it but somehow cannot. I have to close my eyes to stop the process. Is this OCD?

hi5.. i was diagnosed wd OCD by the way. I think u shud do something that takes ur mind off of it and focus on something with a broader perspective on life.

I only get annoyed because I get mentally worn out late in the day. It seems I can't stop no matter whether I want to or not....

and am nt d only one,.. tank god''

Good old OCD! Doesn't it just make life so interesting? Ahhhh number fixations. They are like old friends. I am forever doing cost of living comparisons in real terms. Or age/experience comparisons between different eras in history. And with my son, it is everything about the number 5. I like to think it would be worse if the mind was habitually idle and could find nothing to pounce on.