So Im Obsessed With The #5

Hmmm well how to explane this ive always had this obssession with the number 5 but its about how I count it, it goes farther than that as well, ill get into that too...
Ok so 1-2-3-4-4=5.... Makes no sense right? Ok when I count to five I alyaws count 4 twice never actually saying 5, but when it comes to everything that I see, shapes n objects, at one time or another I disect the object in question in my head by 2 lines one at a 33° and a 45° angle thus disecting it into 4 quadrents but counting each 1 2 3 4 and than the whole object as one makin it 5.
Also its like packing my cigs I always have to count by fives if I hit the pack on my hand 6 times I have to hit it 4 more times to make a complete five, just like if u count things five times u always get back to the way u wanted it, I want the light off its on right now if I switch it 5 times it goes off just the way I want it, and that goes way deeper to almost everything. I no longer do super annoying crap I usuallykeep it to my head ill pause at a door a lock or a light for a sec because in my head im counting it just before I preform the action I justtry not to do the action anymore cause people think your crazy counting crap aloud or preforming actions 1 2 3 4 4 times but sometimes I just gotta do it and get it out lol ive always felt a lil crazy because of this... at least im a functioning crazy and not a wing nut I guess hehe
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I know exactly what you mean I thought I was crazy to because of my obsession with the number 5. For instance I can't eat 4 crackers or 6 I have to eat 5. If I eat six I have to eat 4 more. When I knock on a door I knock on it 5 times. When I pray at night I say amen 5 times. I cough 5 times. The only number I let myself be in sports is 5 or multiples of 5. I itch a bug bite 5 times. I honestly thought I was the only one because I feel like no one else is like this.