Obsession .. With Even Numbers

I am very partial to even, especially 2 and all numbers that are divisible by 2 and end up with a 2 in the end. I go to the extent of choosing licence plates that either 2 or end up with a 2 or when added up result in a number that is divisible by 2. Some how I feel this has favored me.  I do not know why nor whether it is rational. But I am what I am.

What do you think? Anyone else with this kind of fetish or is it a fetish?

Let me know your thoughts please ... would be awesome if I am not the only one with this kind of urge !!


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2 Responses May 21, 2012

I am so glad I am not alone in this! I am obsessed with even numbers. I hate odd numbers except those ending with a 5 (I think because it is directly in between two even numbers and is also half of an even number) and never ever use them unless I have absolutely no choice but then I can't stop thinking about that odd number. I have to ensure that if I alter the volume on my tv / laptop / stereo etc it is to an even number. I also wont rent a house with an odd number, and buying a car with number plates is hard. My current car reg has 06 in and no odd numbers at all which is brill! I love the number 6 (lucky) and 12 which is double it! My birthday is on the 6th too so I can relax when that is approaching. Christmas Day is fine too as that is the 25th (odd number but ends in a 5). I don't worry about bad things happening if I select an odd number but I just hate the thought of doing it because it isn't even. I also have to have things arranged in my cupboards / fridge etc in even pairs and if things are different heights they must go from low to high, left to right. There are many more examples but I'm sure you get the idea.

Interesting! : ) Well, I am obssessed by certain numbers... 5 and 7 are my favorite numbers, and I will always choose them if I get a choice. My first name is 5 letters and last name is 7, and guess what, my middle name is 6 letters! But, I loved 5 and 7 way before I realized my name was 5-6-7 . <br />
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Some numbers I do not like for some reason. I don't usually choose 6, or 9 for anything where I have to pick numbers. I don't dislike them (I don't dislike anybody, including numbers!), but they make me a bit uncomfy. I like 11 and 12, and I feel 13 is a special number, but not "bad", just very intense.<br />
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I also remember phone numbers easily, altho I was better when I was younger. I can still remember almost any number I call even once a month, and I still remember many numbers of friends from more than 20 years ago. I see them as like a musical scale, and the more things I can connect the numbers to in my memory, the easier it is to remember them. <br />
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I could go on and on, but I already have! Thanks for your story!