I See The Number 343

I'm not sure what it means but I tend to see the number 343 at least once a day. It's not a conscious decision and I find it's very strange that I see this particular number even when I'm not looking for it. It all started in High School and has continued for the last three years. For example I'll randomly look at a clock the number will read 3:43. Another example is sometimes I tend to wake up in the middle of the night around 3:43. I'll find 343 amongst numbers such as stats of baseball players or numbers on the street and various other things. I'm just really curious in what the meaning of this number means to me, because I never had a fascination with this number until a few years ago. So if anybody is reading this maybe you can help me decipher what 343 means to me.

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ITS NOT JUST ME. I can't believe this is happening to other people. After seeing it day after day I finally decided to research it and I'm so glad I have. Maybe all of us people who see 343 everywhere are connected somehow lol

Characteristics of 343:
- Optimism
- Enthusiasm
- Self-Expression
- Inspiration
- Creativity
- Encouragement
- Assistance
- Talent
- Growth

I see the number all the time and I believe the list above summarizes my personal traits. I'm mostly a lone wolf, but sometimes I'm a leader. I can guess you might share these traits.

Sources: Angel Numbers, Personal Experience, Bible

I have the exact same thing going on with me! It's been going on for a few years now, I always see the combination 343 aeast onece a day; everyday. Sometimes more than once. I don't see it any where specificaly, usually anything that can display numbers. It's usually on a clock am or pm, I'll either see it or wake up to it. I always that it was really weird but over time.I began to grow an interest it. Tonight was the last straw, when I woke up at 343am I decided to research seeing a reacurrance of numbers. I discovered something called angel numbers and searched the combo 343 Ill like the website where I found this and if you see this number I really hope you reveiw it, it could withhold some bennifits for you. Im so happy I'm not th3 only one seeing this.


I am so glad I'm not the only one who sees this number! It is starting to get a little strange. Everywhere I look I see 343! SO WEIRD

I have the same issue, the number 343 is everywhere. Have you received any answers to this? I mean I see it all the time and its kinda spooky. I worked at store number 343 I have 343 fb friends it will be the time into a youtube video when I look down or pause the video 3:43 I will pick up a book to look through it and I find myself reading pg 343. its so crazy and getting more and more frequent. I am now starting to look in to it. if you do get some answers please pass them on. thank you and have a good day.

I am researching it now. I often wake up at 3:43 in the morning. My daughter is doing it now. She has found out it deals with the Bible. I always worried it was bad. I have been doing it for 30 years now.

In my experience, i take it as eye in the bible section mathew. Jesus says eye for eye when he explains, to go the extra mile. If you doing a favor or work. Well that's me, I see it everyday and 444

I've seen this number since 8th grade! im currently in college so it has been awhile. It all started when I did a project on the firemen in 9-11 and there was 343 firemen that passed while trying to save hundreds of lives. since then Ive seen the number everywhere! my locker combination was 34-33-0, my ID number was 227343, my teacher used me as an example in class one day and said "Say you were quoting a page out of a 500 page book and you wanted to cite page 343!". I get blown away by the amount of times i see it throughout a day. it is quite interesting

I swear reading that is weird cause I have the same thing happening to me!!

HI I decided to google 343 tonight as its been apart of my life for 15 yrs!
It started when my partner had an old 1969 Rambler Rebel with engine size 343. He then had MR 343 number plates, we would wake up at 343am. since his passing 5 years ago, I keep getting intercepted by the 343 bus in different suburbs, My new telephone number ends in 3430, my medicare card, prices of items,an old 007 movie i recently watched the army tank had a big 343 on the roof, a current car ad has 343 on the number plate! There are soo many i just cant think of right now! What does this mean? Im amazed how many others are seeing the same number!

I cant get away from this number it ussually show up alot when i complete something or something changes in my life but i still see it everywhere! i figure since 7×7×7= 343 its from god so i feel safe haha

After reading this article I stood up to look at the clock. You know what it said......
3:23. I was disappointed.

You might be interested in William Downie's home page; author of The September-11 Code.

this exact thing is happening to me....with the exact same number 343. i usually stay up very late almost every night on the internet, but when i look at the clock for some reason the number usually tends to be 3:43 am. i didnt really pay attention to it much even though it occurred very frequently. i started to think what this number is linked to with my life

343 - is the address of my best friends house

343 industries - is the company that made Halo 4 (a game i play every now and then)

343 meters per second - is the exact speed of sound (i have a huge dream of being a jet pilot and always wanted to fly at the speed of sound)

343 343 343 343 343 343 343 343 everywhere!!!!

but i still dont know why i see it on the clock all the damn time.

My life is on a kind of weird schedule and I am awake for both 3:43's on the clock. I find myself seeing it twice a day, at least, and often see it in time remaining in football games and the the like. I don't know if it's just a habit, but it's the only time that I see on the clock every single day. Weird stuff.

I have read that this particular number is a message from a guardian angel. I too see this number all day everyday and I believe He is trying to tell me something. But this guardian angel stands for love, encouragement, guidance, and telling you to do what you feel is right. With me being an athlete I felt like things have changed in my performance of ba<x>seball since I got in high school, which is about the time I started seeing this number. I currently have a big decision to make because I want to move schools but it's a long shot. So I'm using this number as help to let this guardian angel guide me through this and give me courage to do what I feel is the right thing to do. And with God on your side, I believe anything is possible.

I've seen or thought about 343 everyday for the last 25 years. It started when I saw it on the back of a ba<x>seball card when I was 12. I fell into a sort of trance and could not take my eyes off the number. There was something so familiar and amazing about it. It's been a part of me ever since. Some things I've discovered:<br />
7x7x7 = 343<br />
3+4 = 7 = 4+3<br />
343 = 3+4+3 = 10 = 1+0 = 1 (unity)<br />
Speed of Sound = 343 m/s<br />
Carl Jung wrote of the mysterious relationship between 3 & 4<br />
343 is associated with Angels & Ascended Masters. People who see it have an ability to access such realms.<br />
<br />
And then during the most brilliant, powerful, and astounding ayahuasca ceremony of my life... the clearest, most absolute meaning of 343 was revealed to me. It's quite a story... email me (via my website) if you would like to hear about it. =)<br />

There is a study made of words in the Bible and number meanings. If you search for biblical meaning number 343, there will be several sites for this.<br />
I checked because a few nights ago, I dreamt I was telling someone that [96]343 (emphasis was on 343) was not my zip code.<br />
Yes, according to the meaning of numbers related to the Bible, it is a very significant number.

I had the same exact dream a year ago but mine was a creepy old lady wearing a black cape telling me to repeat the number 6343. And said it would help me for the rest of my life. It sent me into a tail spin trying to find the meaning.

It's strange.

The New York Fire Department, 343 is to remember the 343 firefighters lost on 9/11. A lot of people tend to see that number a lot unconsciously.

Never thought or even new that till now

I know what it means.


I know! I keep receiving emails with the question who 343 is. It's driving me insane!

I keep seeing it too. Its everywhere I look. I will be on youtube. a video will read "3:43" time "3:43" all sorts of numbers, math class, page numbers in books and magazines.<br />
its getting ridiculous. i literally see it about eight or ten times a day. sometimes even more than that. there must be some meaning behind it.

I keep seeing the number 343 to! What in the universe does it mean??

I never saw the number until I played the video game Halo. There's a character named 343 Guilty Spark. Now I see the freakin' number every time I turn around. I don't know, maybe I'm just more "aware" of that number so I notice it more. Kind of like 11:11.

343 has been in my life for ever...everything from my driver license to all my employers, on clocks and also wake up to see 343. There is a very serious meaning.

me too i cant get away from that ******* number i see it everywhere i go .Im trying to find out what it means but i cant find anything

Looks like I'm not the only one, I see it about every day.

I've seen it for almost 10 years now. i've clipped articles where it shows up, i see it on the clock, on license plates, in prices, on the back of my fortune cookies, hotel rooms i stay in, phone numbers- it's odd for such a random number to make such a repetitive impact- and i can't believe there are others online who see it as much as i do. i've found talkback blogs like this, and even a facebook group who see it.

Welcome to my world =)<br />
<br />