In Love

I want to be his "salvation," his "own personal Jesus."

I want to cook him meals, and hug him, and calm him down before gigs, and listen to his every thought.

It's so pathetic, really.  But I can't shake the feeling that he'd really love me...

Freckledsea Freckledsea
6 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I'm sure he would love you, you would be his Treasure. But unfortunately, the mathematics of the situation is, that there is only one of him and thousands of beautiful women who are eager to please him. He's doing his best, God knows, to work his way down the list but your turn probably will not come and if it did, it wouldn't last long. Luckily for all of us, he is making movies and DVDs and so on, so we can enjoy his humor and personality from a distance, at least.<br />
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For truly obsessed people only:

Thank you so much for thinking me cute rather than loony!<br />
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I like this site. :)

Heeheehee. Thanks RW!

*smiles*<br />
An English actor/comedian/author, Nan.

Oh. I thought you meant the Russell brand of of my own obsessions.<br />
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Who is Russell Brand???

You are so effing cute....he'd be a bit chuffed, love. Such devotion!