He's Hot, But Here's The Catch...

I have been really interested in a guy who is two years younger than me, but from a distance. He is an extremely attractive and fit sophomore who looks like a senior. I had only made small encounters with him before, besides my obsessive facebook stalking. I knew he would never go for someone like me, and if for some weird reason he did like me, my age would be intimidating.

We were on a school trip and ended up in hotel rooms next to each other. my room decided to have a party, so we sneakily invited the boys over. It was so thrilling, I pulled him quickly into our room and we began to take shots. I was still in shock that it was really him. We didn't even know each other.

Then the lights were turned off, and before I knew it, we were making out on the bed. He was very commanding, telling me what he wanted. He laughed when I laughed, it was perfection. Then clothes started coming off. After a while he said "let's go to the shower" and he grabbed my hand. As we were about to go into the bathroom, I asked if he had a condom. This boy was determined, he told me to stay where I was and to not pass out. Haha. He ran to his room and came back. I could hear the wrapper opening and he told me to put it on him. He started running the water and I reacted strongly with too hot or too cold. He was very careful to make me comfortable.

We did all kinds of crazy things in the shower...and then I hit my head really hard between his head and the wall. He got anxious and didn't want me to pass out. Then, he suggested we venture back to the bed. He grabbed us both towels and we ran to the bed. A little while later, he abruptly stopped, got up to go to the bathroom, and then came back to the bed. We cuddled for a few minutes, and then he said he had to go. It was 3 in the morning.... where exactly did he have to go?! That's when I realized it was over. I had been used.

The next morning I got a knock on my hotel door. I opened up to see his beautiful figure in a suit. Maybe it wasn't just a one night stand... He asked me a random question, and then left quickly. I avoided him so he wouldn't think I was attached. He would always move away from me if I got near him, and would never look me in the eyes. I did always notice him staring at me from afar. I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking.

We still haven't talked and months have passed. I pass him in the hallways and wonder. A month ago, my close friend said he was telling people he lost his virginity to me. Wow. I didn't know this hottie was so innocent. And the fact that he was talking about it, and dropping my name, that had to count for something! I want him so bad.

Today was different. I passed him in the busy hallway as usual, but it was extremely close. So close that I could hear his breath, feel the warmth of his body. I had vivid flashbacks of me on top of his smooth bare chest. Then, we were in a classroom, and I was kind of blocking the walkway. He came in and passed several times behind me. Then, the last time he passed, I accidentally moved backwards a bit at just the right time and his hand grazed my ***. I could tell he knew what he had done. He still stares at me and I can't wait for the day that I get the chance to say something to him. I am obsessed with him.

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Haha maybe he is just waiting for you to make the first move. He is younger and has no experience. So you might need to make the move on him.

lol yeah.