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I pretty much love anything Beatles. Recently I've been thinking about them WAY too much! Not just the music, but everything that goes along with them. I have no idea why they fascinate me so much. I just went to the LOVE show in Las Vegas and it was amazing. I collect Beatles stuff and spend time on a forum for Beatles. The people there are pretty great. Problem is, I don't know anyone in real life that really cares about them to the point that I do! I have to tone it down when I'm around people, but that's okay. I don't know how someone could become so obsessed with a band that broke up over 30 years ago, but I have. I've liked them since I was about six actually but was not as obsessed as I have recently become. I guess we have to be passionate about something. I've always loved music, so I guess it's no big surprise to me to be so in love with the greatest band that ever was. Anyway, that's my I Love the Beatles experience. Pretty sad huh?
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I just found out this post was made in 2007 and it's already 2012 and nothing has changed and never will were still out there :) but agin it's like the Beatles follow me! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE THEIR MUSIC THEIR HAIR, EVERYTHING!!!!! That's good though lol

YOUR NOT ALONE I'm 12 and I am a Beatles FREAK so are some other girls at my school, they were just so cool and they had AMAZING music and they were young and good looking, and funny! We can't help it, it's more of something to be proud of. Knowing you have good taste. The bad part about it is that I always get defensive over them to people who dislike them (which theirs not very much of just saying) they will always be apart of history, and sometimes I just get away from all Beatles stuff for a couple weeks and then I'm just normal again. But their constantly on the radio I see pins tee shirts One Direction the new most popular band in the world loves the Beatles! People are saying that they are the new Beatles which is not true.. And never will be... But they will always be remembered because mostly everyone loves them and they have done and influenced so much to be rememberd, I'm proud to be a ultimate Beatles fan you should be too :)

It's not just you! I am obsessed with The Beatles and John Lennon. I listen to them everyday, I collect their items, and I am soooo in love with John! I feel the same way, I have to tone it down. My children also love the Beatles, and they will pass it down, keeping them alive. They are the best, always will be! I just wish I could meet someone too! Oh, and my house is full of Beatles and John Lennon posters.

I'm only 13 and i'm absolutely obsessed. Their music has influenced my life!. I feel lyk so alone and i feel lyk an outsider because not many of my friends lyk things to do with the 60's and the beatles. I collect beatles things and have posters in my room every where i LOVE ringo especially!. Any one else the same??? may be a working site , too. Hope the address is right. I mostly like Paul.<br />
They just did a musical minor chord analysis of "Yesterday" which explained by physics why the music is so pleasing.

hahaha.... thats funny because i already have a account.

Wow, I wrote that almost a year ago and my Beatles obsession still goes strong! The funny thing is, they've suddenly started appearing everywhere! After LOVE there were TV commercials butchering Hello, Goodbye, then there was the movie Across the Universe and now American Idol!! Insane how relevant they still are after all this time. I don't think we'll ever see anything like this ever again. A true phenomenon. I actually think my obsession has grown!! Noooo!<br />
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Forum is DM's Beatles. It's great.

i too am obsessed with the beatles. the sad thing for me is i was born how many years after they broke up?.... and that is a lot of years considering my parents were in middle school when they broke up!!!! yet still... i am soooooo obsessed with the beatles. i only have the beatles on iTunes and am listening to 'Here comes the Sun' as we speak. BTW what forum r u on??? cause im on one 2.

Thats not pretty sad!! What are you talking about? The beatles are great!! Its not sad that you are obssessed with them! I am too and think about them like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much also lol. But I know what you mean that no one you know likes them the way you do because it is exactly that way for me. But at least its good to know that there are people like you and me still out there. Peace!

It seems EVERYTIME I'm out somewhere a Beatles or McCartney song comes on...they follow me..THE BEATLES ARE STALKING ME AWWWW..wait a minute..that's a bad thing? LOL

How long have you been a fan Kriller? I'm 46 and starting loving them when I saw them on Ed Sullivan. Yup I was only 4 but trust me..I knew a good thing when I saw it :) My favourite is the handsome man on your photo (love that photo by the way). How about you?

It's nice to hear people feel what I feel. I am completely obsessed with the Beatles. No words can describe the feeling I have for them. Haven't seen the show LOVE yet, but planning on it. I heard it's amazing. Do you have a favorite when it comes to the Beatles?

Been there done that!! I literally was obsessed with that band from 1965-1998. I stopped to have a baby which caused me to have to deal with other things in life but even my child is a Beatle related name. So see there's others of us out there just as crazy about the group :)

Not sad at all. They have changed the world and so many lives...mostly for the better! Keep on loving them the way you do. It's only sad when you don't have any passion in your life. It's more than o.k. if your passion is The Beatles! Well, at least I think so.<br />
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Considering that The Beatles are said to have influenced several bands that followed them, almost to the point where no one can escape their influence, you have plenty of fodder for your obsession. A band with that much influence deserves to have fans that span time.