I have seen every episodes of the x files, I own all the seasons, the two movies, magazines, books, figurines, and I have my gold cross, and my long black coat. I dye my hair red (auburn), and have a sort of Scully hair style. I dream of a man in my life that would be like Fox Mulder. There are some episodes I have seen more than one hundred times. I watch other series, but I still haven't found a better one. I write fanfictions. I have more than 500 firiends about x files on my facebook. My two best friends are Fox and Krycek. I'm organizing a Scully marathno for 2012. I still watch x files at least once a week. I'm gonna change my first name to Dana very soon, the file is processing to the judge, because I have been called Dana since the x files. I AM REALLY obsessed with the x files!
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Me too

I LOVE XFILES too! My kids are now obsessed and we turned the cable off and watch 3or 4 episodes a night on dvd. We cannot sleep w/o the theme music playing in the background. However i dont want to be scully though do dye my hair red. My husband has the same "distinguished profile" as Mulder and i love it. I am missing only 1dvd out of all 9 seasons...with the cerulean blue-pusher episode and i will probably buy the whole season to replace the dvd. You know how i got hooked? I accidently bought the 2 disc set with the foundation episodes for the movie, and my kids opened it. I WANT TO BELIEVE and you want to be. Just curious do you think Mulder is hot?

When the show went off the air I wanted their FBI badge passes. I have a Mulder action figurine, a Topps comic book, 60 game card pack and three packs of trading cards. When I started out on the internet in 2000 I used to post on The X-Files message forum board at Delphi, I was the keeper of Scully's Crucifix.