Urophilia - The Love Of Urine

When I started my blog back in January, I did so to try and explain or rationalize, to myself, my love of urine. It started with the rationale that drinking urine is a healthy pastime and my activities were completely normal ... I controlled my urges, they did not control me. A couple of months later and I realize, as I read back these entries, that maybe I was wrong. Maybe it is an obsession. I drink urine every day and urine is a major sexual stimulant. I even created a crossword puzzle and word-search incorporating uretic terms and activities!

So, I'm obsessed, I think. Check it out at my blog

http://naturie.blogs.experienceproject.com/  or alternative site  http://urophagia-thetasteofurine.blogspot.com/

You decide. And do you experience the same feelings? Are they rooted, like mine, in childhood experiences? Do they control your life?

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Sexuality is one aspect of my life and I don't give it a bigger place than any other part. I am not obsessed with urine, but enthralled with it equally as other facets. Some don't view urine in a sexual context, but I do because certain types of pee play arouse me. It doesn't rule my life, however. I have so many other activities and interests. The only time I think of pee play is when my bladder is full.

i would love my partner to urinate on me :)

It's strange, I don't like drinking it or anything, it's when my girlfriend's having a pee, I feel I HAVE to have my hand there as it comes out, I feel like a complete freak with her, what can I do? :'(

You're absolutely right.

I read an interesting article about "paraphilias" of which urophagia is supposedly one. It says that a true paraphiliac cannot aspire to any sexual gratification unless it is fueled by his own particular obsession. (Or he or she has to thinking about their particular paraphilia to perform adequately). Guess I'm not a true "paraphiliac" .. No ... I guess that sometimes so-called "experts" have no idea the bull crap they are reciting. Don't know about you Max, but I think our love of urine is an enhancement to our lives ... and I can **** with or without it. Did i just say that out loud? <br />
Peace Brother.

I'm not obsessed, I'm addicted !