Too Weird For Words

I was walking down the street the other day with a friend of mine. I had told her about my  liking for vampires (I toned it down much for her because I'd probably scare her away) Anyways she just nodded and continued walking in silence. She stopped by a coffee shop to get a snack and  it was crowded I went to sit on a bench to wait for her. As I was outside I let my eyes wander and because the shop was across from a park I decided to people watch. It was around dusk, slightly dark.

Something caught my attention, two people one extremely pale (male) and another one who looked a bit frightened (female).  I was fairly close and I could see that they were talking very quietly. There were plenty of trees but I had a small view of them. She nodded several times and laughed once. He smiled for a moment flashing extremely white teeth. He then suddenly became very, very serious and said something very quietly, his lips barely moved. She became very still and leaned towards him.

It was practically dark by then and my friend came out. She prodded me with her free held a coffee and another held a paper bag with some over cooked pastry inside. I shook my head but stood up slowly. I kept my eyes on the couple. He leaned forward like he was going to kiss her but his lips only brushed her gently before he moved down to her jaw and then to her neck. I looked down pretending to drop something so I could get a better look, several trees were in the way. As I leaned around a tree I saw his teeth bare and his mouth open as if he was about to take a bite of something, his eyes closed as did the girls. I leaned further over and his eyes suddenly snapped open and looked in my direction. There were many trees and any normal person would not have noticed me but he seemed to see me and he stood up, taking the girls hand in his. Pulling her towards our direction. I looked around seeing the place was mostly empty so I practically speed walked to the coffee shop where some people might still be. My friend questioned me but I just waved my hand in the air.

As I opened to the door to the shop the male caught up with me, the female further behind him. He stood behind me as I opened to the door and followed me the counter. I looked up at him and he gave me a narrow eyed look. I gave him the same one back. The cashier coughed I looked up. He gestured for me to order and I order something that tasted horrible and I don't remember. He followed me to the place where the milk is and took a stir stick in his hand and broke it between his thumb and first finger. I pretended not to notice but he smiled and walked away. I few seconds later I headed for the door and he bumped into me, sending me stumbling almost to the floor but he caught me before I fell completely. I looked at him confused but he gave no response. He stood me up and I walked out stunned. I continued walking my friend running after me. In the end I just said he was an old friend.

A week later. I saw him again and the same girl but she was looking a bit different I couldn't put my finger on it.

The weirdest part was--it was about two blocks from my school. The coffee shop my friend and I'd been at was in a different city. The male and the female were looking at me as I walked down the street. I got onto the bus to go home and later that night the door bell rang. I was home alone and I decided to let it ring. It continued ringing and I went to get it. My purse was on the ground. A note read "You left this at the coffee shop" I picked it up and walked inside. Picking up my phone I looked for any missed calls and I accidentally hit the picture folder. All the pictures I'd taken of the male and female were erased. As well as the few notes I'd taken of them.

That is my experience for now. I don't know exactly what it means but I can dream.

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Where was this at?

i cant stop thinking about vampires somtimes i feel like i am one

It is possible that it is a coincidence, but from what I heard, I believe that you saw a vampire. I am so envious! (The closest thing I have a boy who likes me, and pretends that he is a vampire to get my attention. Posers happen,but this doesn't sound like a poser!!) The story seems plausible.... so, wow! (FYI, you are extremely observant, which is a wonderful quality. )

Really? I can't believe you actually saw a vampire! I'm completely obsessed with vampires, I don't think I'd be able to notice if Imet one though, with all the people they could be anywhere ya know! If i ever met one, for sure I'd never let them go, they'd habe tp get a restraining order against me!

i am obbsesed with vampires


haha, are you saying im hallucinating? maybe, maybe not....

I don't mean to sound rude, but perhaps you should ask people nearby if they see him the next time you see him. There are too many strange coincidences.