My Weight Loss Plan

So, I'm slightly over weight. Not in a bad way, just too curvy for my own good. I'm going to start dieting. I know my plan isn't the healthiest in the world, but hell if it works, I'm all for it. Coffee, Cigarettes and soup. Only eat soup in the evenings, or around lunch, and when I get hungry any other time, I'll go to my local Starbucks, post it up outside with some coffee and my camel menthol cigs. I will totes keep you guys posted on how it's going.

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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

I am 25 year old men and am working in a software company.
I was struggled like anything because of obesity.
I went to gym for 1 year, but no use, even i couldn't continue that.
Then I tried the diet management, no use.
Finally I found a nutrition product to weight loss, I had the below health problems before using this product,
Over weight (20 kg)
Haemoglobin level is 10.2
Acidity problem
Laziness all time
Back pain and neck pain
Breathing problem
I have been using this product for past 3 months, below is my result
Lost 20 Kg
Haemoglobin level increased to 14.5
Acidity problem vanished
Got relived from constipation
Feeling very active throughout the day
No back pain and neck pain
No breathing problem
Now playing volley ball, cricket and going to swim.