New Weight Loss Tools: Do They Work?

Like most women, I know I’ll be on a diet come January to get rid of that excess holiday weight. Although I don’t generally believe in fad diets, I have had success in the past with some of them. This year, there are some new diet trends that I might give a try. Some of the diet tools I have been hearing about:
• Lose It Phone App. The Lose It phone app helps you to track the calories you’ve eaten and the amount you have burned through exercise. It also allows you to input your target weight and it will give you an estimated time to get to that weight. I think this is likely to work because it is more of a helpful tool than a diet fad.
• Weight loss hypnosis. Hypnosis has been around for years but recently I have heard a lot about using hypnosis for weight loss. During the session, the hypnotist will make suggestions like  “you like the taste of fruits and vegetables”, and these suggestions should stay with you long after you leave. There are several reputable providers of hypnosis in aurora IL , where I live, and the results are supposed to be more permanent than any fad diet.
• HGC Drops. These are hormone drops that you place under your tongue a few times a day. They claim to suppress your appetite and cravings and many people online claim to have had amazing results. However experts like the FDA say that it is the restrictive diet that goes with the drops that makes you lose weight. Part of the program that goes with the drops is a diet of 500 calories a day, and the FDA says that it is this restrictive diet that makes you lose weight, not the drops.
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as long as u r a good spirit
there's no need to loose weight

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