I Am Obsessed With Weight Loss


I am 5'4" and my lowest weight was 64 lbs.  That was before they forcefed me at my millionth treatment center and I gained a hundred pounds.  Now I'm back to losing.  My weight is too high.  I'm embarrassed to say it.  I need to start off by losing 30 lbs.  That will help a little.  I check my scale all of the time.  Constantly.  And I have a dietitian who only confirms it.  PLEASE HELP ME LOSE 30 LBS!!!

Licorice Licorice
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as long as u r a good spirit
there's no need to loose weight

I am 25 year old men and am working in a software company.
I was struggled like anything because of obesity.
I went to gym for 1 year, but no use, even i couldn't continue that.
Then I tried the diet management, no use.
Finally I found a nutrition product to weight loss, I had the below health problems before using this product,
Over weight (20 kg)
Haemoglobin level is 10.2
Acidity problem
Laziness all time
Back pain and neck pain
Breathing problem
I have been using this product for past 3 months, below is my result
Lost 20 Kg
Haemoglobin level increased to 14.5
Acidity problem vanished
Got relived from constipation
Feeling very active throughout the day
No back pain and neck pain
No breathing problem
Now playing volley ball, cricket and going to swim.

I do exercise. Every day, for two hours or more.<br />
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Licorice...Just eating right isn't enough. You must exercise. Muscle burns fat all day long.<br />
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In order for me to help you, I need to know your current weight. Since you have been down to 64lbs, your idea of fat and gross may be distorted. I only want to help those who need it. Not saying you don't but, I don't want to help you into hospitalization, ya know?<br />

Licorice<br />
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I understand your frustration and desire to return to the weight you feel is ideal for you. I have no doubt that you can lose the 30pounds without advice, but can you answer this question.. If you lost all the weight you wanted, what would it mean for you in the end?