Okay, I Know You Are All Sick and Tired Of...

my tales of weight loss but I have to tell someone!

I am so psyched!

I have blown past all of my past goals

I know I promised to stop my weight loss at 60 lbs down but I have passed that and I will actually stabilize once I am 65 lbs down which is very close now about 4-6 lbs.

I have kept going because I am so thrilled to see my new figure emerge.

I was a girl who had trouble squeezing into a 14 and now I am fitting in jeans and pants in size 6-8 or 28-29.  The women at the store are having me try on all the items marked small as they feel the mediums are too  big.

Remember I am a tall girl at 6'2" so I can carry my weight but what am I doing in a small??

I will update when I stabilize at my goal.

Just so you know their is a supermodel who is my height and she weighs 17 lbs less than my goal weight so I think I have enough of a bufffer.

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1 Response Feb 19, 2009


Just remember that some of them so called supermodels are really stick insects in disguise lol.