Can't Leave The Gym

Hey my name is Nik and I'm obsessed with working out and I'm 20 years old. Right now I'm in the military and I'm addicted to being in the gym.

Ever since I was in high school, I was a huge athlete. I graduated in 2010 and I played football, swam, wrestled and ran track. Long story short what lead me to the gym was a complicated road. I was an All-County, All-Region, All-State and All-National track athlete which lead me to get a full ride track and field scholarship to USC. But for a full ride there are still things you need to pay for. So my church gave me a $5000 scholarship to pay for the other expenses. But the money never reached the college so I was S.O.L. I was in a slump for a bit. But in the apartments I stayed in had a gym. So I started slowly going to the gym.

So when I was at the gym, the depression for not being able to attend college turned into my motivation for the gym. And I found myself in there three times a day for 3 to 4 hours at a time period. Then I weight about a good 170 muscle and fat here and there. But now I weigh a staggering 205 of solid muscle. For my age and height, according to the military, I'm over weight but I'm in top notch physical form. Everyone here and there is telling me to lose weight but I cant. I'm in the gym constantly. Just going to the gym does something for me. The burn I feel I'm just so addicted to it. I can never leave. And it really effects my love life but I'll explain that in another story..

I can bench press 405 lbs. I can curl 120 lbs dumbbells. And squat 640 lbs. And with legs that big its really hard for me to find pants that can fit my legs. I just wonder if I'm the only person who's this obsessed with working out..
slicknik712 slicknik712
22-25, M
Nov 26, 2012