False Love

That feeling I got when I met u, the feeling I thought was true love , the way I still feel about you now. The way I cut off all my friends , stayed in the house waiting for u to call me spending my days off with u , sacrificing valuable time with my family for u. The way I hurt and abandoned a old friend just to keep you satisfied. Turning down others left and right even when I was pissed off at u because I couldn't bear the thought of losing that feeling u gave me. Looking back now I realize I just don't love u , I'm obsessed with u. It hurts to try to leave u even though u do me wrong because I'm scared I won't find anyone else & I'm scared to gain this feeling again for anybody else . I can barely sleep without u in arms , even after the time u dragged me by my hair and spit in my face in front of your friends & when u but my arm so damn hard that there was a bruise the size of a apple. This isn't a healthy obsession or relationship . I still came back to you , I couldn't lose that feeling you have me. I am a addict . and I think it's time I went to rehab
Alexandria44 Alexandria44
Jan 10, 2013