Flawless Pearly Whites

I have never had a cavity or any teeth problems of any kind. Growing up, I always maintained good brushing and flossing habits, likely as a result of having a parent that worked in dentistry.

Anyway, I started obsessively brushing my teeth in the last year. It started with just wanting to squeeze in an extra brushing in between the recommended 3-times-per-day (after breakfast, lunch and dinner). I soon found myself not only doing this but brushing for an extended amount of time during each toothbrushing. I think 20 mins is about the longest I brush in one sitting, and that's easy to do because since I'm a stay at home mother, I'll sit on the sofa with my daughter watching TV, and just brush.. And brush.. And brush.

My last oral checkup was this last October 2012, and I told my dentist that I was experiencing pain when eating sweet foods. I feared a cavity.. Turns out, my pearly whites are FLAWLESS, however my gum line has receded due to excessive brushing. There is no cure to erased gum lines but Sensodyne supposedly will help with some of that sensitivity.

Well that's my story :)
Binibini Binibini
26-30, F
Dec 4, 2012