What My Mom Knew Before Anyone Else.

When I was 10 years old I got the greatest gift anyone had ever given my for my birthday. My mom gave me a complete Dat Timer set. There were 12 months in a plastic box, goal cards, reminder stickers, a special pen, a binder, everything that I could ever want or need to be completely and totally organized.

Skip 20 years.

My husband and I were going to marriage counceling. We were not going to get divorced, we were just not understanding one another. I had just started a new job they required me to travel extensively, he was just starting his life as a stay at home dad. We were having some problems "jelling" on the home front. Not long after we started conuceling the counceler wanted to see me without my husband. "OK," I thought,"whats with this?" She wanted to talk to me about my obsessiveness. I though she meant something like not trusting my husband, but she really meant is that I don't trust anyone not even my self.

So began my experience with my dark side. I am a time management freak, I obsess over being late, getting as much done in a minute as possible, checking and rechecking my work and work I have given other people. I take Prozac to lessen the symtoms and help with the inevitable depression that comes with it. It has at least made me an easier person to live with, I don't expect everyone to be like me anymore (I just wish they were)


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i am like you they call it ocpd obsessive compulsive personality disorder, my husband left because of i think - am on zoloft - its helping somewhat